Monday, 22 July 2013

Playing Javert - Day 4

 Greetings to you from Ja-Ja.  Yes that's my new nickname and no it's not that cream coloured eejit from Star Wars either...

Another amazing day of Captivate Drama rehearsals.  I managed to get some pictures today.  On the right is my Barricade costume and below is the bicorn! (YAY BICORN!)

Today was the day the chorus was in for the first time and they completely rocked it! It felt so weird, yet so brilliant at the same time, considering we'd just had three days of principal only rehearsals.

Today all rehearsals were carried out in the theatre, apart from the Les Mis chorus singing through their bits of act I.

The show is going to be absolutely incredible (yes, that word again.) and I really hope that it sells out like it did last year, because then, it would be unforgettable!

As always the youtube video is now up, so do check it out and I'll see you tomorrow for blog 5!

kind regards

Gordon H

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